Friday, August 22, 2008

We Have a Real Survivor

Nature seems to be able to recover from anything.
This is a picture of my first ox blood lily (Rhodophiala bifida).

A few weeks ago, our neighbors had an old alleyway between our homes cleaned out. It had to be done. I allowed them to start halfway down my fence line beyond my passion vine. There were dead hack berry trees, one of which had fallen on the next door neighbors' fence. There are wild figs, which were saved. The entire length of the alleyway was covered in junk saplings and poison ivy.
The landscape crew cleaned it all out and then sprayed everything with Roundup. What is left is scorched earth. It will take a long time for this area to recover, yet the little oxblood lilies are coming right up as if nothing happened. Nature is amazing.
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  1. Hate that Roundup! So far I've gotten by without having to buy that stuff! Knock on wood!

  2. That stuff is deadly, but sometimes it is the only option. I can't believed that little lily survived that toxic stuff. It is a survivor! :)

  3. I love those old fashioned Ox Blood Lillies; mine don't usually show up until after Labor Day (I'm in north central Tx)

  4. I don't love Roundup, but I use it sometimes when I have to. I'm amazed the oxblood lilies made it, but it might have been because their bulbs were underground.~~Dee

  5. Brenda, I only use it on poison ivy and then only if it has totally gotten out of control.

    pg, it's folage was not out so that is why it lived. It will be interesting to see how many more come up. Usually that area is a carpet of red by the first week in September.

    Hi nola, thanks for stopping by. We are in north texas as well just south east of dallas. These are the first ox bloods there should be a lot more.

    Hi dee, I am sure the only reason that lily lived is because it was a bulb with no folage out when the stuff was sprayed. I hated to see this area treated like that, but then I remember your awful poison ivy experience and let them do it.

  6. Out of volcanic rubble comes--life! I'm amazed at how many new species are discovered in the most remote places under extreme conditions. Your Ox Bloods are survivors and makes me wonder about babying my plants so much. I guess a lot of energy was stored in the bulbs but still---amazing story. And aren't you in a drought like us?