Monday, November 10, 2008


A couple of days ago, I posted a little about how I became Aunt Debbi. Racquel at Perennial Garden Lover recognized our shared Texas drill team legacy and chimed right in. We agreed a drill team glory days double post was in order. You can see her post on her time as a Stingerette right here.
I am sure this picture made my Dad really happy.
Below is a picture of the 1981-82 North Mesquite Pacesetters.I have no idea where I am. We were sixty members strong.

Next is a collage of "What in the world were we thinking" pictures. Most of these were taken at drill team camp in Kilgore Texas, home of the Rangerettes.


Top left- Pompom attack
Top right -Look at Meme
Bottom left -Who picked out those goofy hats? And can we rub off some of that makeup please?
Bottom right -Did we really have to create geometric shapes in our camp roommate picture? Dig the french braids. I am the chick without a tan on the bottom right.

Sorry Meme, I found a curler picture.
I spent three years wearing blue eye shadow, red lipstick, Lycra, and industrial strength pantyhose. I killed the ozone with tons of hairspray. I tore up the pantyhose doing jump splits and knee spins on AstroTurf and gym floors during football and basketball games. I did all of this with my very best friend.
We enjoyed performing at Dallas Cowboy and Dallas Mavericks games. Profession athletes are huge - just an observation.
Here is a little short list of my misadventures during drill team
Jump splits in the mud
Boot kicked across the field during high kick routine
Being accidentally tackled by a out of bounds football player
Forgetting my lipstick before lining up on the field and having to kiss my best friend. Love you Meme, but not "that" way.
Falling off a human pyramid.
Do you have any high school glory days stories you would care to share? Don't be embarrassed. I fessed up to wearing blue eye shadow.

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  1. Hi Debbi-Came from Racquel's blog and had such a good time reading hers I decided I needed another dose from yours. Love that pic of the curlers. Oh my goodness the things we did when we were younger. Thanks for posting this, enjoyed it a lot.

  2. Hey Deb-great pics! You had a much larger squad. I grew up in a small town so 30-35 was a good size squad for us.

  3. This was so much fun! :)

  4. Hi Susie, thanks for stopping by.

    Racquel, oh yes it was. But seriously, what was with all the makeup?

  5. Goodness, but you have a pretty "pageant worthy" smile! I remember the blue eyeshadow. What were we thinking, imprisoning our legs in panty hose? Haven't put any on in years, and likely won't ever again. I was not the good girl/cheerleader type. No, I was busy learning to be a mom at age 17, courtesy of a boy who I wouldn't admit to knowing now. But who I was mad for then. Of course he flitted off and got another girl pregnant and I ended up in the lurch. Glad now: he's a moron and a hick to boot.

  6. Brenda, Dang girl. You are SO getting an email.

  7. It was a time of excess Deb! lol Plus the heavy makeup showed up better under those hot lights on the field.

  8. LMAO! You go, hot mama! It's so funny to look back at ourselves in high school photos; what were we thinking? It scares me now, when I see photos of how short we wore our skirts! I'll run over to Racquel's blog and check it out.

  9. Ah, precious memories. I didn't wear blue eyeshadow too often since I wasn't on the drill team or anything, but I had to put some on my then four year old daughter a few years ago.

    My friend just did a post about our high school days, I think all of this reminising has really put me in the mood to think back. I'll wait for the post though so I can add pictures too.

  10. Racquel, I definitely need an excuse for that painted on mess. Just looking at it makes me itch.

    Nola, I just wish I still had those legs.

    cinj, that's the spirit. Look forward to seeing what you have got.

  11. Really cute Debbi! Love the pictures you and Racquel posted. This brings back lots of memories for all of us. Great idea!!

  12. That curler pic is just cruel! But hysterical! I have some similar pics of a henna party. Your drill team was spectacular. Loved the outfits! My school had a tiny tiny color guard. There was flag and rifle twirling and then 3 of us carried those ginormous flags. Our outfits were just plain old ugly! My father was definitely not happy about any of it.

  13. www, trust me, meme has gotten more over on me than I have on her. The uniforms were pretty nice for a high school get up. We had a those flag twirlers too, they were part of the band and had really cool long skirts that flared as the turned. Definitely more modest than the drill team licra get up.

  14. I am so going to take your challenge and do a post on my cheerleading days. You are knock down drag out beautiful now and then.

    Splits?, oh yea, I remember those. I wore green eyeshadow but no way did I wear all that lipstick. You huzzy.

    The clothes that I wore back in the 70's are back in style. Isn't that groovy. I think the drill team is the most spirited thing about any school and it took a lot of work for ya'll to make those geometric shapes. No way you could gain an ounce of fat.

    Loved this story and it was a lot of fun to read.

  15. Anna, do it I want to see you in a short skirt. Thank for the compliment, I am blushing a little.

    I don't wear lipstick anymore, but I can still do the splits. No fat was allowed. We had to weigh in every friday.

    Look forward to reading your post.

  16. Check out that cool Debbie chick! Fun stuff! :)