Monday, November 10, 2008

My Sister Has a Question

I received an email this morning from sister#2. She had a better garden this year than I did. I am not jealous, really, I'm not. Apparently, popcorn crop failure runs in the family.

Here is her question,

O.k. Well I tried it again and I caught the microwave on fire again.
Can you ask your gardening people what I might be doing wrong and see if any of them have ever grown and successfully popped popcorn on the cob?

Tell them that the popcorn I bought popped beautifully in a paper bag on five different cobs and that the popcorn I grew is directly from those cobs.
I am becoming mortally afraid of popcorn.

Love, Me

Aunt Debbi here again. If any of you have any information on what in the world we both could have done wrong please help. My popcorn and her popcorn look just like the popcorn seed we grew them from. My didn't pop but scorched with the traditional popping method. Hers' catches on fire in the microwave when the parent corn popped just fine with that method. Are we drying it too long, too short, is there a magic spell?


  1. Dear popcorn challenged blogging sisters, My guess would be the amount of dampness in the corn, or lack of; or possibly the wattage on the microwave. Those are only GUESSES! Be sure and post and let us know if you find out for sure. I think I'd call the ag extension agent, and ask if they knew, or could point me to someone who did!

  2. Well, I haven't the slightest idea. I think I would just give up on it and buy the stuff. But that's the easy way out and I'm all for simplistic!

  3. Um sorry, but just so you don't feel alone I'm clueless too. Have you tried to dehydrate them? I'd be interested to know too since I'm trying to be a more home made kind of person.

  4. I have no clue but was curious to see what others had to say. (By the way my half of our duel post is done & is scheduled to post at midnight) :)

  5. Nola, I am going to call our extension office tomorrow. the interweb does not seem to have the answers.

    Brenda, It would have been a lot easier to just buy it.

    Cinj, I wouldn't suggest starting with this one. We can't seem to make it work.

    Racquel, So far no answers. My pictures are up and in draft form. I still need to write it though.

  6. I bet the house stinks!

  7. The house does stink. Especially in the microwave. My kids say they love the smell because it makes them feel like we're camping out. :)

  8. Sister, There interweb was absolutely no help at all. I have an inquiry submitted to the Texas AgriLife Extension Office. Unfortunately, they are laughing at us. We may never be popcorn growers. Sad.