Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Little Christmas Tree

Every year the day after Thanksgiving Manly Man and the Monkeys put up the Christmas tree for me. Sometimes I come home from a sister's house and find it up. Yesterday, I was on the computer and they came in to tell me to come look. Isn't it sweet?
I did a little research trying to figure out if our fake white tree is better for the environment than a real tree. From everything I read, it is basically a wash. In the future, if we decide to get a real tree, I would like to get a living tree and then plant it in the yard. Or maybe we could go to a local tree farm and cut down our own and then mulch it after Christmas. In the meantime, this little tree will last us for years. When it gets to ratty to be inside, I will save it as a deck or front porch tree and it will get many more years of service.
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  1. Very Pretty! My guys usually leave most of the decorating to me!

  2. I've tried several times to buy living trees and plant them after Christmas, with no success. I finally gave up and bought a tall, skinny, artificial one. That made me really lazy; I decorated it, and after Christmas I throw a sheet over it and move it into a closet until the next Christmas!

  3. I had a living tree for several years until someone stole it from my balcony.

    We have a fake one now, but it is special as we got it the year we had a baby after we lost Sarah. We are going to put ours up today I think.

    White one looks pretty. Ours is green.

  4. That's nice that your hubby & monkeys put up the tree for you Deb! I end up decorating mine by myself unless hubby is home. The teenagers lost interest a few years ago. ;)

  5. Thanks Momo.

    Lorilee, They do a great job. I am lucky.

    Nola, a friend of my in Scurry has a little collection of living Christmas trees she has planted in her front yard. I will have to ask her what kind she buys that live here. I think putting the tree away decorated and just pulling it out every year sounds easy.

    foxy, it sounds like a very special tree.

    Racquel, All of the sisters have to go to mom's house and help her decorate each year. That is what I spent my evening doing. I think the guys do it for me because I have to do it for her.

  6. Doesn't it look good against that dark rug! I think it's so you and different. Lots of room for presents too.

    My aunt had an all silver tree and a colored light that shined on it. As the color wheel turned--the tree changed too.

    I have a fake tree and love it. I sneeze my fool head off with a real one.

  7. It cracks us up that you call them Manly Man and the Monkeys... sounds like a rock band! LOL

  8. Oh... by the way...

    radishes... LOVE 'EM!!

    Had to say that again... hehehehe...

  9. Wow, you are lucky. I grew up in families where the all the men will do is assemble. The rest is "women's work" in terms of putting on the decorations. Send your manly man and the monkies to my house! LOL

  10. I do fake trees here too, they're less expensive than real trees. I can't say that I get a whole lot of help from the guys in the Christmas tree decorating department. Cheesehead will gladly take it down for me every year though. Peanut and I will be decorating our tree today. We were going to do it yesterday but we took the day off and sat around instead. I got lots of crafting done though as we sat and watched movies.

  11. I've always wanted to have a REAL LIVE tree but have never had one. My parents thought real trees were too much trouble. Now with all the cats and dog WN and I don't put up a tree at all--we do decorate but way up high out of kitty reach. My cousin in FL has a white tree that spews out white fluffy snow-like stuff--guess snow is hard to come by in FL ;-)

  12. Like the Wenches, I have to decorate up high or the critters get into trouble. And as for going to The Shed & Blue Moon. Get yourself to Tyler and I'll even buy you lunch!

  13. Pretty tree!! We have a fake tree too. Its about 5 years old now. I haven't got it up as of yet. I am trying to talk my daughter into doing it but so far she hasn't got it out.

  14. We have had the same fake tree
    (made from recycled plastic)
    for the past 17 still looks good and we usually put it up the day after as well, but..
    I have been too busy playing board games with my little princess to get to it. lol
    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for visiting my blog.

  15. Anna, I collect cobalt glass so the white tree is perfect for me.

    Shibaguyz, Manly Man and the Monkeys might be a fine name for a band. Teenage Monkey is like his mother and has no musical talent. Enjoy the radishes hahahehehoho.

    My Little Family. I am lucky. Thanks

    Cinj, Sounds like you had some fun after thanksgiving. Manly Man usually either takes it down or helps me.

    Curmudgeon, We used to have a cat that climbed the tree. Still, we had to put it up or the boys would never get over it.

    Brenda, We should schedule a Blue Moon shopping day- too fun.

    Cindee, Thanks and good luck getting your daughter to help out.

    Hi Kate, playing games sounds like just as much fun as decorating.