Friday, December 26, 2008

Beautiful Unnatural Winter Evening



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Today was windy but warm and nice. This evening the temperatures were in the 70's and I was able to sit on our deck after dinner. The picture are of our very nice patio umbrella. The lights are solar powered. The plants were brought out of the house this afternoon. They look a little ratty. Tomorrow they will get new potting soil and a haircut.

Tonight, we are supposed to have thunderstorm and tomorrow night the temperatures are supposed to drop into the 30's. We are very thankful for such a nice day today.

If you are still snowed in, please don't hate me because my weather is beautiful.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself, but take heart as I will be whining about the cold/wet again tomorrow.


  1. Wow, what a perfect evening. We just got dumped on AGAIN. We had to shovel two days in a row and now we're getting freezing rain. I wanted to take Peanut to the hospital last night but she and Cheesehead talked me out of it. I hope it's warm enough for the salt to work still. Maybe I should turn on the weather....

  2. You are so lucky!! 70??? Its cold here but no rain or snow yet. I guess we are suppose to get rain later this weekend though. I am staying inside as much as possible trying to get over a cold. I hope you can continue to enjoy your wonderful weather!!!!

  3. It was so warm here earlier today, that I was beginning to sweat while doing some planting in the yard. I am watering the spot where I plan to plant a peach tree, since the soil is so dry and hard. We did just get a cool front, so no more sweating for a day or so!

  4. Cinj, hope peanut is recovering from her strep. Stay warm.

    Cindee, it is dropping into the
    30's tonight. We all need to get out the warm blankets.

    Lorilee, it was warmer earlier today, but too windy. The temperature is dropping fast right now and should get down close to freezing.

  5. We have the same weather in's nutty. Did you get your tub clean while the plants were outside? I like your umbrella.

  6. Anna, I made Teenage Monkey clean it. Thanks we got the umbrella on sale last winter.