Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bits and Pieces

The radish poll is closed. 13 of y'all love em, 3 of y'all hate em, and 5 could care less. This was my best voter turn out ever. Thanks for playing. Next time y'all get to pick out what we vote on. You can campaign. I will provide links and make fun, provide encouragement . Good Times.

I just got rid of my links list and added a blog list. This is so much better. The most recent posts go to the top of the list. I can see if you have posted without having to go to the blog first. Saves me tons of time. I kind of Internet stalk your blogs. I'm harmless, really. Don't be skeered.

My attempt at whole wheat sour dough starter appears to be working. There are a few bubble, but no sour smell yet.

I spent a little bit of time in the garden this morning with my best friend. The wind was awful and made her eyes sting, so we quit and went to lunch. Still, I got a new veggie bed and a nice visit out of it.

I have procrastinated on the quilt and need to get on with it.

Does anyone know how to do that line through text trick?

Have a nice Wednesday.



  1. I wasn't overly happy with my sour dough attempt Debbi. I might try it again with your instructions.

    Love your blog, always cheers me up, always something interesting.

  2. Hey Debbie "the STALKER" haha
    Girl .. you gave me a great laugh tonight .. I needed that .. THANK YOU ! .. good luck with that sour dough .. don't you have to be a sour-puss to make that ? .. and I know there are people who know how to do the strike through on words .. being menopausal I forgot that damn thing ! LOL

  3. For the line through text (called "strike through"), when you edit your post, look at the top of the post box. There will be a tab the says "HTML Text."

    Click on this to open it, scroll down to the text you want to strike through and write this code: < strike >word< /strike >, where "word" is what you want to strike through. Don't include spaces, though, around the word(s) "strike," and "/strike" or it won't work (I had to do that so that the blogger comment would let me write this.) Also, be sure to include the forward slash at the front of the second < /strike >, or it won't work.

  4. You can also do strikethrough text on Blogger with just the letter S inside angle brackets (<>). Whether you use "strike" or "s," you turn it off the same way: /strike or /s. But inside angle brackets again.

  5. Thanks foxy, hope the redo on sour dough works out for you.

    HI joy, happy wednesday. Looks like Susan explained the strike through on the next comment.

    Susan, Thank you I will go try to use it right now.

  6. Susan and Mr. S. That worked. The first time I tried it, I struck out my whole blog AAAAAAA..... Went back and did it again and it worked great. Y'all are awesome so much better than blogger help.

  7. I didn't get much of anything done today. Beyond going to Walmart (yuk) and while grocery shopping found what's called shatter-proof ornaments. Perfect for a klutz like me. Didn't get a think done in the garden. Now it's raining. Didn't even get to my blog. Quilting is wonderful this time of year. Soothing.

  8. Brenda, I love to quilt during cool weather. It is so snuggly. I could have used shatter proof decorations a few years ago when the toddler monkeys were using them like baseballs.

  9. You know, after I read the comments, I forget what I'm going to say. I do however think of a lot of stuff to say back to people.

    Stalk me all you want. I like the traffic. I wonder if I can do blog list. How did you do it or is it a blogger feature?

    I'm glad you got bubbles!

  10. Anna, it was a blogger feature, but I know I have seen it on other types of blogs. It was in the gadgets.

  11. I will be curious to hear how your whole wheat sour dough turns out. I would love to make some this winter.

  12. Morning Glories, It will be an ongoing saga, I am sure. I feel sure it will work.

  13. Hi Deb

    Skeered = scared right? Lurk away all you like gal - it's always good to see you've been hanging out over at my place, Comments are always a bonus!

    Hmm, need to think about my bloglist too - I like your new way of doing things. I use Following, Google Reader and Blotanical more than my sidebar to pick up on who's been posting recently.

    I'm so glad you asked the question about text strikethrough as I'd been wondering the same thing myself! Now I need to ask how you did your slideshow...

  14. VP skeered= scared or afraid much like skeeter=mosquito. I am in Texas, what can I say. The slide show is easy it was one of the first gadgets I put on this blog. Just go to your layout, pick slideshow as a gadget and install. I use Picasa2 for pictures which works great with Blogger and it is free.

  15. Do a post on the line through the text, I never have been able to figure it out!
    You were right about the glads I sent to Morning Glories; I shared some of the ones I bought from your master gardener's group. So tell your group that their bulbs have moved to Ennis and Round Rock!

  16. Aren't polls fun? So far I've had 4 people vote in mine. I suppose it's a bit silly, but it went well with the post. I wonder which vote is Santa's? LOL.

    I like stalking blogs too, it's entertaining and fun. I can find more projects to keep myself busy and find interesting ways to spit pop out of my nose that way. (I'm not a coffee drinker.) Now if I saw you peering through the windows of my house that might just be a little bit different.

    I have a blog list too, makes scouting out new posts easier. Mine doesn't change the order anymore though, it used to. Speaking of which it's been a while since I made the rounds....

  17. Radishes rule!!! But only if they're HOT and crunchy. If they're not hot, you might as well crunch on some Iceberg lettuce. If they're not even crunchy, fuggeddaboutit. Glad to see the vote went my way, unlike the infamous sock poll!

  18. Nola , glad to share the glads, yeah. Mr subjunctive and susan taught me and I will share in my next post.

    Cinj, I need to go check out your poll.

    OFB, Did you read about the new nonsock folding church?

  19. Hmm - I've done that already Deb, but it won't accept my pictures from Picasa2.

    Have the photos you've used been posted before? I think that might be the solution to my problem, but I get fed up of waiting for my web albums to load to find out :(

  20. Vp, I will have to go look at it, but I think I just pulled them out of picasa2 and not off my web albums. I need to go look though