Thursday, December 4, 2008

Homemade Noodles


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Are y'all ready for more of my awful pictures. Here they are pictures of my first attempt at homemade noodles.

We are having chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. Teenage Monkey does not like dumplings, but he loves pasta. I thought it would be nice to give him something homemade too. It was not hard at all.

1 1/3 cup flour
2 eggs
3 tablespoons olive oil
Pinch salt
1/4 cup hot water

Mix the flour, eggs, oil, and salt in a bowl and begin stirring. While stirring, add the hot water a little at a time until a ball of dough forms. Turn this out onto a floured cutting board and kneed for a minute or two. Roll out as thin as possible. Use lots of flour to keep this from sticking. Cut into long noodles and let them dry a little.

These cooked really fast. Less than a minute in boiling salt water and they were ready. Will definitely do this again.


  1. I love all the homemade things you do!! I bet they turn out great! I made chicken and dumplings for the first time last year--and they were good so said hubby. Let us know the results--and what a good mommy you are to do this! :)
    Lucky monkey's to have you.

  2. Okay Deb, now the noodles. What kind of example is this setting for all the families out there with "cooking challenged" women like me around? Isn't there something you don't do well? Three monkeys still at home and you do all this...Sigh...

  3. Man, I always get soooo hungry when you cook good stuff! So what did he eat his noodles with?

  4. Meadowview, thank you. They turned out very good. Teenage Monkey wouldn't eat anything else.

    Brenda, I don't sleep well, keep house very well, the garden is a half finished wreak, and the neighbors think I am completely batty. I've seen pictures of your beautiful home. I've got nothin on you.

    Nola, he at them with butter and that's it.

  5. Too difficult for me. I commend you on doing it though. I'd rather blog. How's the weather down there. I was just wondering cause I've been running around in my bikini it's been so warm. Cold in the mountains and warm in my little neck of the woods.

  6. My Granny always made homemade noodles. We would eat them raw if we found them drying on a towel! My mom and I made them sometimes too! We mixed them in the food processor. Now I have my Mom's noodle "machine". All I have used it for recently is for rolling out fondant!

  7. I've been thinking about making my own noodles. I even looked up recipes on for it but Cheesehead didn't think I could do it. He said it wouldn't be worth my time. So, he's wrong, right? I could do this too?

  8. Anna, it is so not too hard for you. Maybe not worth the time, but not too hard. It is colder than hades here. The kitchen is full of plants. I would scare people if I put on a bikini. I mean really scare them.

    Lorilee, The teenager did eat them raw. I thought he had lost it.

    Cinj, he is wrong and it is ever so cheap.

  9. This has nothing to do with noodles but I knew it would make you laugh.
    Tonight I went for a short run in the cold, dark and decided to water the garden a little the cold dark.
    There was just enough light from the neighbor's christmas lights that I could make out my little rectangular patch of earth and the sugar snap peas growing up the post with the tiny, tattered, American flag attached to the top. I was feeling quite happy and warm from my run. I had been watering about 30 seconds when I saw was a dark, black rat-sized thing crawling toward me and then crawling back. I freaked out and squirted it with the water hose and screamed at it and jumped up and down to scare it away. Then I squirted it again and yelled for the dogs to come save me. Then I briefly thought about running to the neighbors house as the black thing was blocking the way to my own house. It did not seem at all intimidated by the things I was doing so I was becoming convinced it was rabid and I was going to have to run for my life. But it slowly dawned on my that it seemed to move with the wind. Forward and then back, forward and then back. My stupid, tattered, American flag was casting a dark shadow on the ground that looked exactly like a rabid, black rat. I will never water in the dark again.
    Maybe I'll make noodles instead.

  10. Becca, my lovely crazy sister. This is so going to be a guest post on the front page tomorrow.

  11. Had to put a sweater over my bikini today;) But at least I wasn't scared by a shadow! Great story.

  12. Anna, it is cold cold cold here. You would lose a body part to frost bite if you tried to wear a bikini here tonight.