Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sister #2 Does a Guest Post. Well I do it without her permission

Aunt Debbi here, I have been trying to convince my sisters to guest post for me. I have asked a couple of times. Well Sister #2 busted out with it in the comments and I decided it deserved to have it's own post.

What follows are the words of Becca AKA Sister#2 Enjoy.

This has nothing to do with noodles but I knew it would make you laugh.

Tonight I went for a short run in the cold, dark and decided to water the garden a little the cold dark. There was just enough light from the neighbor's christmas lights that I could make out my little rectangular patch of earth and the sugar snap peas growing up the post with the tiny, tattered, American flag attached to the top.

I was feeling quite happy and warm from my run. I had been watering about 30 seconds when I saw was a dark, black rat-sized thing crawling toward me and then crawling back. I freaked out and squirted it with the water hose and screamed at it and jumped up and down to scare it away. Then I squirted it again and yelled for the dogs to come save me. Then I briefly thought about running to the neighbors house as the black thing was blocking the way to my own house. It did not seem at all intimidated by the things I was doing so I was becoming convinced it was rabid and I was going to have to run for my life.

But it slowly dawned on my that it seemed to move with the wind. Forward and then back, forward and then back. My stupid, tattered, American flag was casting a dark shadow on the ground that looked exactly like a rabid, black rat. I will never water in the dark again.

Maybe I'll make noodles instead

Aunt Debbi here, isn't she great?


  1. Tee hee hee!

    Just to make Sister #2 feel better, I managed to scare myself in broad daylight up at the allotment one year. I'd put some old CDs up to as bird scarers and they cast strange moving shadows on the fruit beds (a bit like the Mysterons out of Captain Scarlet if you ever had that show in the States).

    When I first saw them, I screamed. Then I realised what they were and had a fit of the giggles at my own wimpishness.

    Thank goodness there was no-one else up there at the time, otherwise I'd now have the label 'madwoman' to add to wimp!

  2. LOL. It sounds like something I would do! I keep looking at my coat that's draped over a chair thinking someone is coming up to the door. That'll teach me not to put my coat away.

  3. LMAO, Becca is just as warped as the rest of us! I almost shot a WalMart bag hung up on a fencepost in the back yard once, thought it was a burgular!

  4. Oh my gosh that is so funny! I was scared for her at first.

  5. VP, we didn't have captain scarlet here, but we did have the land of the lost. Sounds like they are both on the same weird level.

    Cinj, I do that.

    Foxy, If nothing else this blog is ment to reassure us that we are not alone.

    Nola, now that is the most extreme over reaction to a shopping bag that I have every heard of.

    Shala, I wish I could have seen her freaking out in the yard.

    Sister if you are reading this, hugs:)

  6. I am scared of being scared so I jump at everything. It's like I'm some nervous twit. Mr.D hates it. So I'm scared of MrD. He walks so softly and then speaks out of nowhere...grrrrr. He's got a low voice too so it sounds like God has just commanded me to jump out of my skin.

    I laughed at the shadow story. I would have been thinking it was rabid too.

  7. Anna, Manly Man does the same thing to me. Get's right up behind me and says something into my ear. I think he likes to hear me scream.

  8. I think I finally! have mine trained (we have had more years than the rest of you). I nearly jumped out of my skin and danced around in my bones so MANY times after which I would say: Would you PLEASE whistle when you approach!!!!!! He finally learned. Whew!

  9. Barbee, If he didn't think me jumping and screaming was funny, maybe I could train mine too. Maybe I should fake a heart attack.