Friday, December 12, 2008

The Crazy Thing Is.....



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Texas weather is insane. The temperatures are ranging from freezing to sunny and warm. Two days ago, there was sleet. We had two nights below 30 and now it is supposed to be above freezing for two or three days and then back to freezing again.

This is the second time, I have brought the potted plants inside. Tomorrow, I will take them all outside again. Then Monday, I will bring them all back inside.

The crazy thing about all this plant moving, I own a greenhouse. It is a really nice greenhouse. I just don't want to drive five miles to visit it everyday. I would rather make the Monkeys help me move plants in and out and in and out.

The fish survived just fine. Since this afternoon was warm, they were swimming around close to the top. Guess what I just figured out? You can actually take better pictures of a water garden at night with a flash. Okay, it is not a good picture, but this is the first image I have been able to capture of the goldfish. The two you can see are Ketchup and Yang. Ozzy is sleeping it off on the bottom.

Where are you overwintering you container grown plants?


  1. That's one great reason to expand your garage. It's nice to bring all your potted plants in there and leave them until spring. My hubby loves it when I cover HIS garage in plants. I think it adds much needed decor.

  2. Oh, yuck! Sounds as if Kentucky weather has spread all the way to Texas! You have my sympathy!

  3. Hi Sister, We are not going to tell my Mr. that we plan to put plants in his expanded garage. If so, he might not do the add on.

  4. Barbee, crazy southern weather, we haz it.

  5. The mountains are getting dumped on big time here--2 ft. of snow. Today the city got a rain, sleet mix. Snow has been mentioned as a possibility for "the lowlands". We have a little baby fig tree that Wing Nut brought home from the nursery this fall. It's outside, up against the house wall. We're due to dip below freezing this weekend. I sure hope Violetta the fig tree survives. I think the Cuban oregano bit the dust this past week.

  6. Curmudgeon, I hope Violetta makes it. BRRRRRR..

  7. I have many container plants. Couldn't bring them all inside. And there's no room in our garage for anything else. So they remain outside and I hope for the best.

  8. Brenda, most of these are perennials and probably would be just fine outside. I just get nervous.

  9. Moving plants all of the time is annoying. I have to do that if I get hanging baskets in May/April. I'd adore a sun room to put a bunch of plants in. I could lock the cats out of there....

    Why is the greenhouse so far away?

  10. Debbi,
    I bring some plants into the house, some go in the garage, some go into my garden shed, and some stay on the front porch that is pretty protected (but small). I cover them if cold weather is predicted. It is a pain. I want a small greenhouse!
    Merry Christmas,

  11. Cinj, Big greenhouse, tiny yard. I have been sharing it with another master gardener for the last two years. We have it set up at her place as she has more room.

    Lorilee, I love my greenhouse, but for some reason I am just not feeling it this year.

  12. Hey Deb!

    Move your greenhouse home :o)

    I used to overwinter plants in my cellar. That worked great in the frigid climate of Michigan. Water on the floor? No problem - the dehumidifier made short work of that. My underground farm. That looked like ... a homeless shelter perhaps until you opened the curtains.