Friday, December 12, 2008

Ring Around The Moon


This is one of those times when I wish possesed better photography skills. There was ring around our bright full moon. This made for a most beautiful evening sky.
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  1. Hi Debbi very beautiful, good shot...ah so that is why I didn't sleep well it's full moon. / Tyra

  2. Hi Deb - so glad you posted this as it was raining here last night. Did you know it's one of the brightest full moon's for years because the moon's at it's closest point to earth?

  3. Debbie .. it was well above our house last night but flooded the deck with moonlight .. I could have ran outside and danced in it if it weren't so darn cold ! It is -20 this morning : (
    You should see Amy's post from a previous night .. her husband took a gorgeous photo .. Blossom is her blog.
    Great shot of yours : )

  4. Hasn't the moon been fantastic the last few nights? I wish I would have taken a few photos. Maybe tonight.

    Always Growing

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  6. How gorgeous, Debbi! Thanks for sharing.

  7. The moon HAS been gorgeous. It has been too cold here, too, to spend much time out enjoying it!

  8. Beautiful shot of the full moon. I can make out that glowing ring around the perimeter.

  9. The moon was so beautiful last night! And, was just as lovely at 7:30 this morning when my children woke me up.

  10. Wasn't it awesome! I kept going out to see it.

  11. I can't get a decent night shot, though I've tried. The moon was certainly something to behold last night!

  12. I still marvel at the fact that even though you are on the other side of the earth, we still gaze at the same moon. Kinda brings us all together in a way.

    Nice shot Debbi.

  13. Tyra, I couldn't sleep either.

    VP, Sorry your view got rained out. Yes, I knew, but I didn't expect the ring.

    Joy, I wish you could have seen me laying in the driveway to get that picture.

    Jan, Yes it has.

    Angel, thanks for stoping by.

    Thanks OFB

    Lorilee, it was cold here to, but I had to do some moon watching.

    Thanks Racquel.

    Momo, I didn't even look up this morning, dang.

    Linda, I know. It was magical.

    Brenda, it was amazing.

    Foxy, what a sweet sentiment.

  14. Beautiful! I don't know that anyone else could have taken a better shot. I've been thinking about borrowing a photography for dummies book from the library. I know step #1 should be to get a camera I can see images through though so I may just have to wait to get the book too.

    It's so bright here when the moon is full that I have to close the blinds and the curtains in our room to block out all of the light. No wonder I get all that mold in there!