Friday, January 23, 2009

Crazy Weather

It was a very pretty day today, but I think the plants are confused. My minnow daffodil is beginning to bloom. All of the roses are putting out new leaves. The weather is supposed to turn cold again and all the plants will be shocked back into winter behavior.


Mom did something interesting. She saves food scraps for my worm bin. She puts the scraps in plastic grocery bags and freezes them until I can come pick them up. When she went to take them out of the freezer this afternoon, they had frozen into the shape of the freezer bin and were stuck. We had to pound on them with a big heavy ladle until they came loose.

Here for your enjoyment, another broccoli flower. I'm telling you, our weather is messed up. This thing should not even try to bloom until late February.
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  1. This time of year in Texas is confusing to plants isn't it! My daffodils are up and it sure looks like they have buds. I hope we don't have a cold February!

  2. Linda, No kidding. If we have a cold winter the plants are not going to know what to do.

  3. I have never seen a broccoli bloom, interesting.

  4. Iowa Gardening Woman, It only happens when they are exposed to warmer weather. Like I've been saying, it's been crazy around here.

  5. The weather is strange everywhere, south of here got snow (in NC) but we got none (In northern VA) Must be global warming;)

    I liked seeing the broccoli in flower (even tho' it's too early, technically). I used to tell my kids to 'eat their trees' when they were younger (they got more excited about eating their broccoli when we called it 'trees'). Now I can tell them that they really ARE trees;) (at least your photo makes it look that way!!!)

  6. Yesterday was so beautiful. And now today I dressed for yesterday, went outside. And had to come back in and dress for a cold today! Boy will I be glad when our weather makes its mind up!

  7. Jen, our babysitter would serve steamed broccoli with cheese and called it little trees with cheese.

    Brenda, I know. I about froze going into the library.