Thursday, January 22, 2009

Desert Island Challenge

Shirl over at Shirl's Garden Watch has issued a challenge. She wants to know what plants we would take with us to a desert island.

A year or so ago, our family did an email meme. The point of the meme was to answer questions about the person who sent you the email. Several of my sisters said that I would take a bag of compost with me to a desert island. They were right.

After a lot of thought and nashing of teeth, I picked three plants.

First hardy hibiscus.


Second Zinnia

Third Passion Vine
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I picked these three because it just wouldn't be "my" garden without them.

What plants would you pick?

Don't forget to visit Shirl's post.


  1. Beautiful choices Debbi. I tell you those hibiscuses are making the rounds! A very popular plant indeed! Love the zinnias and passionflower as well.

  2. That Hibiscus is amazing! They started to sell them here this autmn... but I chosed not to by. I want to wait to learn if it is that hardy here as they clame!

  3. Well... then I HAVE TO TRY IT!!!!
    That cold is not so commen here.. but sometimes...

  4. Linda, i don't know what time it is there, but I am up waaayyyy tooo late. Those plants are tall, about four feet and they love wet feet. The blooms are amazing as big as saucers.

  5. If you are reading these comments and just became confused, it is because we are commenting back and forth on each others blogs. She is in Sweden. Check her out.

  6. Lovely choices - your desert island will be full of exotic colour

  7. Hi there Debbie, my island hopping ship has started cruising again :-D

    Ah… nice choices! Great to see the hibiscus and zinnia again. The islands will have lots of bees and butterflies – excellent! Love the passion vine… yes we need a few climbers too and what stunning flowers they have. Hope your teeth survived the trip ;-)

  8. Hi Debbi, I do hope you are bringing along some compost too! HA The passionvine is a fabulous choice, we shall have the gulf fritillary butterfly whose young will only eat that plant! Wonderful to think about warm breezes, flowers and butterflies in mid winter.

  9. Hi Deb - I see you've been tropical with your choices. Nice one :)

    My raft's only just got to the beach...

  10. I love your choices.. Two of mine would be Cat Mint and Clematis.

  11. Good choices Deb! The wildlife on your desert island will be happy with these selections too. :) The Passionvine & Hibiscus have that tropical too.

  12. I have simply got to get one of those passion vines!

  13. Boy! Hibiscuses are popular! Making me want to change my mind everytime I see them! Great choices

  14. Thanks Karen

    Shirl, thanks so much for hosting this. It was so much fun.

    Frances, absolutely, we must have compost and fritillaries

    VP, Will come by and see what you chose soon.

    Racquel, Thanks

    Tink, nice choices.

    Brenda, I gave one to Nola and will be happy to share with you. I wonder if her's made it or if she needs another?

    Dawn, Hardy hibiscus are my absolute favorite flowers

  15. Awesome choices. When I was in Missouri in late August, it was so cool to see the swamp mallows growing wild along wet areas. They're supposed to be hardy here (die back to the ground) but it's kind of hit and miss whether they do overwinter or not.

  16. Great choices! I also went with Hibiscus. They are long in the bloom department and gather lots of buzzing activity at them. We will need some pollinating friends to keep everything growing on the island...

  17. Jodi, I put in a bog garden at our master gardener outdoor education center. There are three varieties of the hardy hibiscus also known as rose mallow or swamp mallow.

    Skeeter, I know the island has food I hope it has the critters we need for pollination.

  18. I thought I'd already commented here...well, I'll say that your choices look so bright and cheery I'm already on the island waiting for you...hurry, where are you? They're so colorful my eyes are popping out;) Love them all, though I've not heard of your 3rd choice (I'm a bit lacking in many areas of gardening)...but the flowers are surreal. Just so pretty. So when are we going? Do you have your plane tickets yet?

  19. Jan, The passion vine is a native here in texas. This joint post was so much fun especially as the weather is so crazy.

  20. Hi~
    Oh! The hardy hibiscus is so incredibly pretty! and zinnias and passion vine! I love all of these flowers too. I have tried the h hibiscus a few times in my zone 10 garden and it always dies after the summer hits us :(
    This was such a fun challenge and great way to see new blogs!


  21. Karrita, I wonder if it was not getting enough water. It is a bog plant. I thought they were native all the way to Florida. Must go do research.

  22. Those hibiscus are huge. Pretty.

  23. Precious, that why I love them. They don't even look real.