Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ninja Manly Man


This is a really scary picture of my wonderful man. Notice the beautiful green eyes, which turn blue on occasion. A few weeks before Christmas he called me and asked if he could buy a motorcycle. I said yes. This man works so hard for our family. He finally asked for something for himself. Tonight, he came in and asked my permission to go to a hamburger joint in Dallas on the bike. Of course, I said yes. He hardly ever wants to do something for himself on his own that does not involve making a living for myself and the Monkeys. I think he looks pretty cool in his riding gear. He does not get that he does not have to ask my permission to do anything, but it is wonderful that he thinks enough of me to consider my opinion and feelings. Lucky Debbi.
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  1. Yes, this is great, Debbi! You're a very smart, canny spouse, and I think you and Manly Man are very lucky to have each other!

  2. He does look a wee bit scary. But he sounds like a keeper. So your house has a ninja, 3 monkeys, an overprotective guard dog, assorted psycho cats, gender confused rabbits, hibernating fish AND a crazy gardening lady. There's a country song in there somewhere!

  3. I love those lovely laughing eyes that totally soften the whole "scary ninja" look.

  4. That sure is nice that he asks permission even though he doesn't "need" it.

    Sorry, he is dressed the part of the ninja but his eyes are smiling so I just can't be scared of him. They look somewhat like mine except mine are a little more blue than green most of the time.

  5. Thanks ofb.

    He isn't scary curmudgeon. We do have quite the weird mix of characters around here.

    Hi Foxy, I love his eyes.

    Cinj, he isn't scary at all. That is just cold weather gear for riding the motor cycle. I just love his eyes.

  6. Makes me want to get my man a motorcycle mask. You are lucky and me too for having the love of a devoted man.

  7. Anna, I wasn't going to go there, but yes very sexy in some weird kind of way.