Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ring Around the Moon


There are just a couple of messages I receive from the sky. The first is a double rainbow. When I see a double rainbow I know I have made a good life decision. The second is a ring around the moon. This always reassures me that life is good and everything that has recently happened has meaning and is in the right place. Tonight I was gifted a ring around the moon.
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  1. Hi Debbi,
    I was hoping to see the moon last night after reading about it being one of the "largest" for the year. Unfortunately, we had cloud cover!

  2. The only thing we've been able to see for the past week has been clouds and rain.

  3. Gorgeous! I was contemplating a moon picture the last two nights, the full moon is so bright and full of light. I wasn't gifted with a ring around the moon here though. Alas it is too cold out and I am too lazy to walk outside and attempt to take a picture with my lame camera. I like your picture better anyway.

  4. Lorilee, it was beautiful

    Curmudgeon, hopefully you will see clear skies soon.

    Cinj, If it was as cold here as it is there I wouldn't have been out there either.

  5. I saw the glow of the moon but didn't get to see the moon itself. It was hidden behind the clouds. My dad use to say if you count the stars inside the ring, you'll get snow in that many days.

  6. Anna, I cannot see any stars within that ring, so no snow, which is no surprise.

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