Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Great Lost Episode

Yeah, Jin is alive. Will he be time traveling with everyone else or will he be stuck in time with Danielle? Is Michael alive too? I thought Ben was trying to use Erin to get Kate to go back to the island - Dirty Rat. What is up with the people trying to shoot Sayid with tranquilizer darts? Any ideas how Locke will get off the island? Jack, beard or no beard?


  1. Uh??, at least Jin is alive right?

  2. Anna, i should have put the don't click here if you are not a lost fan warning up. Yes, Jin is alive. I can loan you the past seasons on dvd if it will help or maybe you should use your time NOT obsessing about a silly tv show and grow something.

  3. I was SOO happy to see that and wondered the same thing. He HAS to be jumping, how else would he have gotten back in time? AT least, I hope he is jumping too, that place didn't look too friendly. Not to mention she was the only survivor of her group....

    I don't think Sayid will go back without a fight, it wouldn't surprise me if Ben hired them to take him down. He's a slippery fellow.

    At first I was thinking that the raft floating in the water was John until we saw it was Jinn.

    Somehow it seems impossible. I wonder if Richard will end up telling him how. Ben got off, so we know it's possible. I wonder why Ben can get off alove but John has to die to get off.

    I think Jack looks good either way, but that beard looks good on him.

  4. I missed the show last night. So happy that jin is alive. I have a crush on sayid so i was very upset when he got shot with darts in the last episode.