Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've Got Nothin

I've got nothin garden blogging wise.

I do have the following

Brain overload
Aching muscles
Tears for a baby
Frustration over Baby Monkey's school
A fence jumping German shepherd
About 100 pounds of laundry
A sink full of dishes to wash
Ants inside and in the compost pile
A Manx cat with a bad attitude
A teenager recovering from the flu
The rest of us avoiding the plague infected Teenage Monkey (someone here in north Texas died from this)
An email box full of stuff I really need to take care of
A MIA state conference delegate alternate or alternate delegate, whatever.

I also have confidence this will all work itself out.

I am so going to garden tomorrow. The rest of this crap can just bite me.


  1. Oh ((((((((((Debbi)))))))))))Wish I could come and help with the dishes and laundy at least! Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  2. Nothin? Sounds like a whole heap of stuff there called Life!

    Hope teenage Monkey is getting better and you have a much better weekend.

  3. Gee Debbi--you've got a full plate! But good for you getting out in the garden--lots of life problems have been solved out in my garden.
    Hope you and the rest of the family stay flu free!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Since Foxy is helping you with your chores, I'll come over to give you a massage, make TM some chicken noodle soup and go talk to Baby Monkey's school for you. (They sure can be frustrating, can't they?)

    Hopefully the gardening will take care of most of the others. Can't help out with the crazy animals though, sorry!

  5. To hell with it. Go garden and if you're busy it can't find you still enough to "bite you." Sorry about monkey's health. They are young and usually recover quickly. Playing in the dirt will restore your soul and your sanity.

  6. Foxy, VP, Linda, Cinj, and Brenda, Your virtual support made me feel so much better. Thank you my interweb friends.

  7. Hope you're feeling a bit better now Deb.

  8. Hi Deb! Come over to my blog site.. I left you an award.. :)

  9. Racquel, I have recovered.

    Tink, You are the sweetest thing.