Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slaw or Kraut?

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So, I've got a few cabbages to dispose of. Any suggestions?


  1. Yum! I'm a kraut girl myself, but I'm not picky!

  2. Either would be yummy. Your cabbage is is perfect looking. You should be good with fiber for awhile.

  3. Debbie ... can I vote for both ??
    Happy first day of Spring girl !!

  4. Slaw, please!!! And please share your recipe. Not to mention more photos of slaughtered cabbages!

  5. BOTH!!! Slaw for immediate gratification, and kraut for later. Your cabbages are just beautiful, they remind me of my grandma's cabbage gardens, she'd put up enough kraut to last all year!

  6. That cabbage looks awesome! I would vote for slaw, yummy. I'm not a big fan of kraut.

  7. Yep--I say both!! Do you have a good recipe for slaw? I LOVE cole slaw!

  8. Mmmmm....I love cabbage cooked on the stove with onions, garlic, whatnot.

  9. Yes! I love both slaw and kraut. And aren't there cool things you can stuff into cabbage leaves?

  10. Ooh yeah, cabbage rolls! Then use the inner leaves for both coleslaw AND kraut.

    Do you "airbrush" your cabbages?

    I am jealous.

  11. Oh, there is such texture and beauty to something as simple as a head of cabbage...

  12. Mom, kraut is my favorite.

    Anna, I got your fiber. You should see the lettuce.

    Joy, I have enough for both.

    OFB, I am planning the murder for tomorrow afternoon.

    Nola, Our neighbors would do the same thing. I don't have any place to store it, durn.

    Shala, German heritage dictates that we will eat Kraut and like it. My kids still make faces, but they will come around. Have you ever had it made fresh? That canned stuff is just nasty.

    Brenda, I will post mom's recipe tomorrow. It is great.

    Kim and Victoria, That is how my SIL likes it.

    Monica, I will do some research and find some stuffed cabbage recipes.

    Foxy, Well at least now I know what to google:) I can't even take a decent picture, must less use photoshop. Those are the real deal.

    Thanks Brenda, I think so too.

  13. It's 90 degrees in Phoenix. Slaw!