Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Icy Hot Patches are from Heaven

I am beginning to fix up my garden. Yesterday, I bought and moved 797 pound of blush Austin Rock. The first picture is what it looked like before I started.
Here is the first bed finished.
This is #1 supervisor. She did not lift a paw, but obviously did not approve.
Here is supervisor #2. She didn't life a paw either and is looking a little disgusted at the whole situation.
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Obviously, after moving 797 pounds of rock, my back was not happy this morning. Two Advil and an Icy Hot back patch and I was much better. I think I am in love with the Icy Hot patch.

Now lets all go over and see what James and Shala are giving away today.


  1. My back aches just thinking about it! I know exactly how it feels. You've accomplished a stupendous feat and it looks awesome!!!!!!


  2. My back's come out in sympathy with yours - pass the icy hot pack quick!

  3. Ahhhh... I feel better just thinking about that Icy Hot Patch! And your garden looks awesome!

  4. I am in love with Tiger Balm and Tiger Balm patches. Thank goodness for them. Your project looks very nice and successful. My Sophie is always irritated by efforts, indoors and out. :) ~~Dee

  5. Looks great, Deb. Really, they like it; they are just trying to give you a hard time. They wouldn't dare have you know they were pleased. And, see how photogenically they pose.

  6. What a lot of work.
    Love your garden "non-helpers."

  7. I fear the monkeys have driven you round the bend. That sounds like something I would attempt. I hope you haven't strained something in the process. Hey, get the monkeys out there and have them lift all that rock. Will help curb their energy.

  8. It looks really good! Hope your back heals fast!

  9. Very nice! When you get done, come on by my place, I have some rock that needs moving. :)

  10. Thanks Cindy.

    VP, Those things are magic.

    Hi Dee, I will give the Tiger Balm a shot next time.

    Barbee, I wish I just had a smidgen of their attitude, or as foxy said catitude.

    Thanks kim and victoria.

    Brenda, They helped move them from the front to the back, but I wouldn't have trusted them in the actual garden with them.

    Linda, Thanks my back feels fine today.

    V, every gardener is on their own when it comes to moving rocks:)

  11. Thanks OFB, didn't mean to leave you out.

  12. Hi Debbi,
    Your rock project looks great! I love your supervisors. I am in close with Ibuprofen and my heating pad!

  13. AND all that weeding! What a day!

  14. Lorilee, Heating pads give me hot flashes. Icy hot patches are yummy for me.

    Jenn, I have a cobra head tool. Makes weeding easy.

  15. Debbie .. I am just seeing this post now (I think I got lost a few days ago ? LOL) .. I love your cat kids .. they are precious .. I tend to have an ongoing love affair with my heating pad and my gel packs from the freezer .. how sad is that ? LOL

  16. Joy, not sad at all. I wish I had found the icy hot patch sooner.