Thursday, April 9, 2009

Late Arrival

This little daffodil showed up late this year. Seems like it had a bird name. Duck? No. Goose? No. Can't remember. Sorry the picture is over exposed. I took it in the dark. Yes, I was wearing my pajamas. It is not just Joy. Do you know what it is?

Teenage Monkey has developed a man voice. Really, he is scaring his aunties on the phone. I hear, "Wait Meme, it's me Logan, don't hang up, you don't have the wrong number." Then I have to speak to a totally rattled sister wondering what happened to our little boy. He got a piece of glass in his foot tonight. He brought me a pocket knife and a bottle of peroxide to help him get it out. Seriously, I am not doing surgery on my kids foot with a pocket knife and a bottle of peroxide no matter how deep his voice is.
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  1. Yikes he is a He Man too with the pocket knife thing! Tough kid!
    It is so funny when their voice changes. I remember when my son had that experience!
    I have not heard of a duck or goose It looks pretty though!!!

  2. Too funny! My son's name is Logan too! And he is getting his man voice- I call my own house and it's weird. He is going to be taller than me by summer, for sure! Too weird! Of course, it's not too hard to be taller than me I'm 5'4" ;)

  3. Auntie Becca, Seriously siter he is getting huge.

    Cindee, I asked the Dad unit about all of this and he found it totally normal.

    Tessa, I am 5'2" He is already hovering over me. Logan is a great name, isn't it?

  4. Hi Debbi! There's a small-cupped heirloom narcissus called 'Seagull'; could that be what you have? As for being short, at 5'5" even the dog pretty much towers over me. The only good thing about being so close to the ground is that it's easier to garden!---Silence

  5. What a lovely little daffodil! Hope you and yours have a safe and happy Easter!

  6. Well, Deb, face it now and get it over with. Your little monkey is becoming a man. Or would that be ape? Kidding.

  7. Ha ha! Great post. Love you in your jammies taking pics of flowers. And that son of yours, sounds like mine 10 years ago.

  8. Silence, 5'5" is what the medium height sister is. That seems tall to me down here. But your right about the garden being closer and the bottom shelf at the library. I checked on the daff and it could be Seagull.

    Happy Easter to you too Nola.

    Brenda, Considering how his Dad can get on the roof without a ladder, maybe they are apes.

    Kim and Victoria, They grow up fast. I am sure the neighbors are not quite as amused about my choice of outdoor evening attire.

    Jenn, it is cute but also a little "Wow, look what happened."

  9. Pj's?? Okay, I appreciate the effort it took to share this photo. :) Hope you ahve a great Easter!

  10. Your daffodil might be 'Pheasant's Eye'.

  11. Dawn, I google Pheasant's eye daff and it is cool looking. Mine is more yellow. The picture is over exposed. I think Silence was right and it is a Seagull.