Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keep on Surfing. This is Not a Real Post.

Okay, nobody has swine flu. We did hose down the library and put out gallons of hand sanitizer. I have got to break myself of licking my fingertips to help separate papers.

I found an artist for my claradendron tattoo.

Maybe tomorrow I will have enough material for a real post. Possibly something about the care and maintenance of carnivorous plants. Stay tuned.


  1. Cool. Can't wait to see your tattoo. I take it this isn't your first since you're having it done on your foot. (Which pains me even as I write this. Can't imagine being tattooed on my foot.)

  2. Your WHAT tattoo?? What did I miss?? And stay away from those swine, they're contageous!

  3. Kim and Victoria, I have a tiny little rose that is well hiden. I have a pretty good pain threshold, so I am not too worried about it.

    Foxy, I want a cleradendron bloom tattooed on me. Artist picked the foot. He wants to do it at a show. Imagine that. It will peak out from my sandal. I'm not getting anywhere near a pig.

  4. Glad no swine flu there.
    I have been sick with bronchitis and asthma related problems. No swine here either.
    Can't wait to see the tattoo. I have a sunflower on my ankle(-: I love it(-:
    CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

  5. Debbie ! I tried to find out what that is and I can't get anything to show on it ..
    Swine flu .. nasty stuff hope it doesn't spread near you or anybody !
    I went through a time when I wanted a small Celtic pattern tattoo .. but I have an auto-immune thyroid disease and I can't chance it .. I want to see YOURS when you get it girl!!

  6. Gulp... pain. All I can ever think of is Dr. Smith from lost in space shrieking "Oh the pain, the pain!!!" You'll have to give us a preview of the picture of the clerodendron the artist is going to use!

  7. Word of warning, I got my first tat, a red rose on a "fatty" part of my body ~ didn't hurt at all. Went back a few years later for a tiny little heart on my ankle ~ mother of jesus, holy cow, my stars and garters ~ I thought I was going to pass out! Moral of the story, my thigh has way more fat and muscle covering it than my ankle! Hey, when you get it, let's do a "show me your tats" post!
    About separating the paper, get some of that "tacky fingers" stuff and keep it by your side!

  8. Joy, I swiped a picture of the cleradendron from the internet. It will be on the next post.

    OFB, Done

    Nola, He says it won't hurt too much. I think he is lying. I will show you the new one, but not the old one, sorry, nobody wants to see that. Well, nobody but Manly.

    Sister Becca, TATTLE TALE. I still have some dirt on you too.

  9. I'm an old fuddy-duddy and I'm a-worrying here about this tattoo business. I believe you are younger than me and therefore I'm going to play mama here. My husband the doctor hates to see those tattoos walk in the door. And you know the health precautions. But like all youngsters you will have to go through the typical rites of passage. I recall my neighbor years ago, who was ten years younger than me, having them taken off, and then it really hurt!

  10. Debbi,
    I didn't think it hurt bad at all. I think the anxiety of thinking about how bad it was going to hurt was worse! I was so excited to finally get it done and I still love it! I always wanted to get another one too but I haven't figured out what else to get!
    My daughter was freaked out when I got it. Now she wants one too!(-:
    Here is a link to the picture of the tattoo:
    sunflowerCiNdEeS' GaRdEn

  11. Mama Brenda, this is not a rebellion tat this is a middle aged crazy tat. It won't be big and I can hide it with shoes.

    Cindee, my best friend started getting a few a couple years ago. I got my first one about 27 years ago. It is little bitty and I put it where no one would see it. This is different This is something I really want.

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