Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

No, really, it is a dark and stormy night. The weather dudes are predicting floods. As any good mother would do, I heated up frozen pizzas for dinner tonight. The dog even went on self feed and ate straight from the bag. I tried to get a picture, but as you may know, Abby is camera shy. She has learned what the thing sounds like when I turn it on and runs away. Silly dog. Hopefully, we will not be under water by morning and I can post on some flower or another. They are shutting down schools and canceling sporting events around here because of that pig virus. Wouldn't you know it, Baby Monkey has a cough. Dude, you do not have swine flu, seriously.

Anyway, stay dry.


  1. Canceling sports in TEXAS? I don't believe you! Ha ha ha. Really must be bad.

  2. Floods, frozen pizza and swine flu??? What gods did YOU tick off?!?! LOL

    We'll be sending good energies your way. Keep us posted…

  3. I am so grateful for the rain, but I hope it's over for just a while. I need sun!!! :)

  4. Hey Debbie girl ! I think you must have enough supplies in to tide you over if things get dicey !
    Hope it isn't that nasty swine flu bug .. I finally bought a new thermometer ! took all that scary stuff on TV to make me do it ?? LOL
    Good luck over there girl : )

  5. We have had a chance of rain since Saturday and still haven't gotten any. I don't want floods but just a little rain would be nice. Isn't this swine flu crazy? My brother is a teacher in Cleburne and all of their schools were shut down yesterday and will be out for the rest of the week. I think 3 or 4 cases had been confirmed in the school system. Hope you guys aren't floating around this morning!

  6. As a Midwesterner, Texas is just not a place we think of as flooding, but... how you are OK!

  7. Send that rain this way, please! It's not even May and I'm already sick of hauling milk jugs of water out to the greenhouse and the veggie beds every doggone day! Silence made us a pizza last night, too. She spreads pesto over the crust before topping it with the pizza sauce, cheese, herbs, and veggies, and man, is that good!!! Especially with a good red wine and fresh salad and a movie you've been dying to see. Try to remind the Monkeys that it's pollen season and plenty of folks with no swinelike tendencies are coughing now...

  8. Kim and Victoria, I think hell just froze over.

    Shibaguyz, I don't know what god we irriatated, but she settled down just fine. No floods or swine flu, but bad pizza.

    Linda, It is supposed to be pretty til sunday. The weather dudes are clueless.

    Joy, You should have seen what we did to the library to sanitize it.

    Shala, I know, this flu thing is crazy. DISD is closing schools too. Hope you get some rain soon.

    Monica, we are just fine. The weather dudes over reacted again.

    OFB, Your pizza dinner sounds much better than ours. Hope you get some rain soon.