Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wonder Where He Gets it From?

I didn't feel like cooking tonight so Teenage Monkey made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner. I wandered outside and found that my Mexican Bird of Paradise is blooming
I came back inside and found Teenage Monkey doing this. Sandwich flipping. None landed on the ground. I think we may have another man cook in the making.
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  1. That takes talent! If I tried that, there would be grilled cheese on the floor!

  2. I taught my kids to cook grilled cheese too! I remember your BofP from last year and its wacky beautiful bloom.

    Thanks for the encouragement about the ladybugs and the aphids. I was so sad to see so many aphids. Errrrrrr

  3. LOL great!!! So nice that it landed back in the pan too!!!(-:
    I can't flip eggs or anything else for that matter. My Hubby can though.
    CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

  4. Gorgeous plant. I like the sandwich flip, too. There's a man cook in our house, also. I hope the gene gets passed on to the little guy.

  5. Ha ha! Love it! Mexican Bird of Paradise (never heard of that) and grilled cheese sandwiches by a teenager! Priceless.

  6. Has teenage monkey been watching those cooking shows again girl ?
    I say name him "cook" for the week and see what happens from there ?
    Love the "bird" in your garden : )

  7. What a talented chef your monkey has become, glad nothing landed on the floor! ;) That was nice of him to give Mom a break from cooking. Your Mexican Bird of Paradise is stunning! I've never seen that variety before.

  8. can i borrow him to come and cook at my house????

  9. Ha! Love the sandwich flipping shot! Too much fun.

    I planted the Mexican Bird of Paradise plant in my parent's garden this past year and it bloomed beautifully. Wish it would grow in our area. It's prolific in San Antonio where they live.

  10. Go Teenage Monkey go!!! I think flipping must be a male characteristic. My ex could flip a perfect crepe or omelette. Mine taste delicious but they sure don't look like his!---Silence

  11. Well good! No one will starve at your house. Or lament "Mom, what's for supper? Can you fix me something?" You have little cooks everywhere. Take advantage of this now, for when they're off to college, you will be down to one male chef in the house full time.

  12. I told my little pre-teen last night that I'm going to get him cooking, so he will be fine when he leaves home. He looked alarmed. I'm sending him to Texas.;)

  13. I don't flip things like that, it would end up on the floor. What a talented Monkey you've got there. My kids don't cook, but they do make a mean PB&J or toast. I'm working on it. They seem to be afraid of the stove for some reason.

  14. Linda, me too.

    Anna, it is a kid favorite. Your welcome about the aphids. I know they can be very discouraging. You should have seen the collards before I took the water hose to them.

    Cindee, it must be a Y thing.

    Gardeness, Just let the big one teach the little one:)

    Kim and Victoria, At least we know he won't starve.

    Joy, great idea. We will have spagetti, grilled cheese, and fried eggs.

    Racquel, Yes he is. I wonder if he dropped some before I came back inside?

    SIL, come get him.

    Cindydyer, I've had that Mexican bird of paradise for about five years. It doesn't get nearly as big here as it does in San Antonio.

    Silence, He chuckled when he read your comment. It really does seem to be a man thing.

    Brenda, I just hope they learn to cook as well as their dad. Now if I can just teach them to do laundry

    Foxy, Which airport do I pick him up at?

    Cinj, I am sure they will learn it in time.

  15. You're raising those boys right! My son likes to cook too, his girlfriend is thrilled. :)

  16. Thanks lisa, At least I know they won't starve