Monday, April 27, 2009

Maybe I've Gone a Little Overboard

It is raining, so I am indoors doing a little garden planning. This is an exercise in how much stuff I can cram into my little garden. So I started a list and now I am a little afraid.

Peppers - Habenero, jalapeno, Serrano, chili pequino, sweet bell.
Swiss chard
Lettuce - red, freckles, oak leaf, green leaf, and endive.
Onion - Red, white, yellow
Carrots - Nantes
Tomatoes - Old German, Russian black krim, yellow pear, Avivvi, san marzano, celebrity, green zebra, sweet 100, Mr. Stripey, Ladino di Panacchio, early girl and better boy.
Squash - Zucchini, yellow crock neck, ronde de nice, some other sort of heirloom zucchini that is light green, acorn squash
Corn - Not popcorn, not this year. Just sweet corn.
Yard long beans and red noodle beans
Sugar snap peas
Potatoes - Yukon gold and sweet potato
Black eyed peas
Water melon

Lemon Balm
Lemon Verbena
Basil - sweet and lemon
Thyme - English and lemon
Lemon grass
Mexican mint marigold

I won't even try to list the perennial and annuals that are inter planted amongst the food.


  1. Whoa! Well, you'll have plenty to eat!

  2. Lordy, I just now posted on lemon balm. But that list, hon, is overwhelming to me!

  3. A nice, long list. A bunch of things we don't get enough sun to grow, alas.

  4. Well, we all go a tad overboard sometimes, don't we? Like all the trees and stuff I just got done planting in the midst of trying to put in a veggie garden. How big is your garden? From the looks of that list it sounds like a huge farm! LOL. (Of course my plantings probably sound like a jungle too....)

  5. I think you have covered it all!! What a wonderful garden you are going to have!!!!!(-:

  6. Wow---you have quite a list! It all sounds good..we all need to come pick from your garden this summer! :)

  7. Be afraid, be very afraid! That's what my DH says when I get my planning notebook out! That is quite a list there :)

  8. Yum!

    I bet you grew a similar list last year without realising it. I listed all my crops one year and was amazed to find I'd got over 40 excluding herbs! It just looks a lot in the cold light of day.

    I'm growing Yukon Gold spuds too - in a compost bag as an experiment.

  9. I'm growing yard long beans and red noodle beans this year for the first time. I am going to plant them in a couple of weeks when the weather is just a bit warmer here.

  10. Now you KNOW we're going to tell you to just keep adding until you can't put another veggie in any possible space. Then, when you run out of room, we'll tell ya to grow them up the sides of things and hanging from things!!

    Just keep going!!


  11. Oh, geez, your list sounds just like mine (kale, not collards, though). I always seem to be challenging myself to see how much I can cram into the veggie beds. This year I'm growing the potatoes in a cistern-shaped "potato tower" to try to free up space in the raised beds, and am growing more veggies in containers, too. And... gulp... I finally took the plunge and planted a Jerusalem artichoke in the perennial vegetable bed (with the rhubarbs, asparagus, horseradish and comfrey). Apparently, if you plant just one, you'll have Jerusalem artichokes 'til the end of time!

  12. LOL! I can absolutely relate to that fear when I look at the seedlings I have going! (That's not counting the direct sow stuff for later). Just knowing you're managing all that gardening AND a family makes me want to take a nap! :)

  13. Kim and Victoria, you need to come get some of the collards.

    Brenda, me too, but I can't seem to stop myself.

    Bueno, I need to post of list of the herbs and veggies that take some shade.

    Cinj, it is not very big at all. several beds have more than one type of veggie growing in them. Corn, squash, and beans all go in together.

    Thanks Cindee

    Linda, I will have plenty to share. The library ladies are sweetly taking bags and bags of lettuce, collards, and parsley every week.

    VP, I tried the bag thing as well. It seemed to have worked fine. We don't have very long to grow spuds around here so I was only able to add soil to the bag a couple of times.

    Matron, those red noodle beans are fun.

    Shibaguyz, I need to head on over and check out your planting to get inspired on how to best use my little space.

    OFB, I have been tempted with the jerusalem artichokes, but so far I haven't tried them.

    Lisa, I often nap.

  14. Tessa, didn't mean to leave you out. Manly has absolutely no idea what I am up to until there is an overgrown jungle in our back yard every summer. You can hear him on the deck explaining to someone on the phone that he can't see me, but he is sure I am out there somewhere.

  15. I didn't read all that so hope you didn't throw a booger plant in there to see if we were reading. But that is a good many plants. I would never ever do anything like that.

    I fertilized my seedlings with some kind of grow juice my neighbor gave me. I probably shouldn't have experimented with the stuff on my seedlings but it seems harmless.I didn't have any regular fertilizer so I went for it. It basically looks like some kind of soy formula and coke syrup. I tried it on one of my regular plants and it did pretty good.

  16. Anna, It was a real list, but I may mess with you on the next one. I use an organic foliar feed every monday. This year it is the Lady Bug brand. But I have used simple fish emulshion for years with great results.