Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Monday Everyone.

Welcome to another edition of Aunt Debbi can't take a freaking decent picture to save her life but is really having fun in the garden. I know, being happy about Monday is just about crazy, but today is gorgeous and I managed to get a lot done before it was time to go to work.
I potted up some plants for Butterfly Gardener Sister's little pond. The plants are elephant ear, Curly Whirly Juncus, horse tail reed, and umbrella sedge.
Here are the same plants in my little water garden.
This is a picture of the pitcher plant Paul gave me. The plant in the tall blue vase is another pitcher plant I divided from the bog garden at the Outdoor Education Center (also from the Texas Triffid Ranch)
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Finally, garlic harvest. These will stay out on the table for a few days until the cure and then I will bring them inside and figure out some place to store them. While pulling them, I got into some poison ivy. This will another test of Technu soap. Wish me luck.

Happy gardening everybody.

Off to the library to check you out some books.


  1. Your little water garden if fun with the glass floats. I should get me one a container & make one myself. I'm stealing your idea this time Deb! lol ;) Congrats on the yummy garlic harvest. I'll have to try my hand at growing some of that this fall.

  2. Wow you would think I didn't go to school with all those misspellings & incomplete sentences. ;)

  3. Love the little ponds. And pitcher plants are just so cool. I saw some in a bog, once!

  4. NOOOO! Not the demon poison ivy! I can't bear to even think of you going through what I did last fall. My fingers are crossed. Didn't you say those round things in your pond are something to do with fishing?

  5. Sounds like a productive Monday all around. I have finally painted my leftover T1-11 for my much awaited compost bin. I figure I really need to keep the animals out of it since they keep taking off with everything I put in there!

    I hope you don't get a poison ivy rash. I'm starting to itch just thinking about it!

  6. I love your water garden and plants. My Elephant Ears died I guess. No sign of life from them)-: Hope you don't get poison ivy. That is no fun especially now!)-:

  7. Do you have those new plants in a cat litter container? I thought I was the only one who reused those!
    I got a tiny plastic preformed pond today, so I'll be working on it for the next month or so...

  8. Racquel, copy away. Didn't even see the typos. You will not be judged by your spelling on this blog.

    Monica, they are cool aren't they?

    Brenda, I think I caught it in time with the Technu soap. We will know in the morning. They are fish net floats. I bought them in Canton.

    Cinj, good luck with the compost bin. I think I dodged the poison ivy rash.

    Cindee, You might wait a little bit and see if they don't come back.

    Nola, If you want divisions of some of these plants just let me know. I got that container from Paul of the Texas Triffid Ranch. It might be a cat litter container, I'm not sure.

  9. Love Curly Whirly, Debbi! I'll have to look for that one to stuff---I mean, put---in one of my container water gardens! As for poison ivy, yuck. My hand is still itching from last week's seedling pulling session (and mind you, I was wearing Latex gloves). I have to get back out there today and pull more seedlings I managed to miss. Time to break out the Tecnu!!!

  10. OFB, that Juncus is cool. I don't think I could garden if there wasn't technu soap.

  11. Wow on the garlic! Double wow!
    I have such a time taking pictures. I think it is my camera..I'm sure it's not the photographer! :)

  12. Your garlic harvest is impressive! I haven't grown garlic. I'll be harvesting shallots soon, though.

  13. Linda, The garlic did great. The onions looked pitiful.

    Ginger, Garlic is easy. You should try it.