Sunday, May 17, 2009

Copy Cat Killer Strikes

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A killer stalked and murdered an unsuspecting pineapple late this afternoon. This attack was much like the previous crime spree of 2008 targeting vegetables and pumpkins.

There is widespread panic among the peach trees in Tiny Town Texas.


  1. I remember that crime! It's happened again huh?
    Wish I would have know--I would have helped out for a bite of that pineapple!

  2. Meadowview Thymes is right, Debbi! I want some too! Don't tell me it's already peach season down there! We don't even have strawberries yet!

  3. You dill! That gave me a much needed laugh tonight, after an horrendous day. Great photo too.

    Copycat killer, that's so funny...........

  4. LOL, this reminds me of a song by the Arrogant Words, Carrot Juice is Murder, :)

  5. Now THAT'S a knife! Also, at the risk of sounding gross...I'd like to eat the carnage.

  6. Linda, We still have body parts in the fridge.

    Ofb, The peaches are green.

    Foxy, i had to look up dill in the context. we might need to add it to the YAWA list over with VP. Glad to make you smile. Be well.

    Monica, I've seen it, very very funny.

    Moma, haha, you'll have to fight off the monkeys.

  7. Are we talking "monkey crime spree" here? Perhaps cages would be the next step...

  8. Brenda, I would put them in the dog kennel, but I think that would be frowned upon by the authorities.