Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Great Cook Joins In

Silence Dogood over at Poor Richards Almanac responded to my little interview, answering my questions and giving us a lovely summer recipe. Go on over and check it out.

There is still time to join in. Here are the questions one last time.

At what age did you begin cooking?
Who taught you?
What type of food is your favorite?
Where to you get your best ingredients?
Do you know any cooking tricks?
Will you share a recipe?

Now I have to figure out what I want to ask Our Friend Ben. Do you think we should finally get to the bottom of his sock aversion?


  1. I'll pop right over there! Had I not seen National Treasure, I wouldn't be familiar with Silence Dogood. How clever!

  2. Debbi, take out the extra "http" on the link address, it doesn't work. I found it anyway. How come I never found our friend Ben before????? Ya'll gotta tell me when you find super cool blogs like that!

  3. Thanks, Debbi! People enjoy my cooking, but nobody's ever called me a "great cook" before! As for OFB, I say, don't even go there. It would only enourage him!---Silence