Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where I Ask the Internet to Help My Sister

This is a brief message from one of my sisters. This is butterfly gardening sister(BGS) and she has a fennel problem.

BGS asks "Hey, I have a question for you and all your gardening buddies. My bronze fennel is croaking. Why? It's wilting and dying within a day, one after another. They aren't trying to go to seed or anything. In the past they have been fine with being wet or dry and never wilted. Is there something in my soil?"

Aunt Debbi here, I know that regular fennel sets seed and dies back in hot weather. I've not grown bronze fennel, but thought it was a perennial in zone 8a. Any ideas what could be going on?

Hey, I think I can just nickname my sister BUGS. Now that's fun. Bet she thinks twice about visiting this blog again, teeheee.


  1. Haven't grown fennel in a while, so I'm no help. Haha, i like that ~ Bugs!

  2. OMG OMG OMG I can once again read your blog!! I have nothing useful to say about fennel or gardening (you are my guru) I just wanted to say I can READ YOUR BLOG again!

  3. Lepidoptera are not BUGS.


  4. Could sister's fennel have nematodes? I think they cause things to die like that.
    I am having a terrible time with white fuzzy caterpillars that I think turn into white moths. They are eating everything--including pond plants! Ugh!!!

  5. Nole, we will fix that lack of fennel at your place. BTW, your dill seeds are packaged and on the way.

    Foxy, So glad you are able to visit again.

    Jenn, I am sure she appreciates you standing up for her. Being my baby sister is not easy.

    Linda, I never thought about nematodes. That might be the problem. I think it is either too much water or spider mites. Gotta get over there and check it out.

  6. I was thinking too much water. I have some growing out back waiting on the monarchs to arrive. I have faith that you will solve the issue.

    Hope you feel better.

  7. Mine was suffering from aphids and had some dye-back. It is perennial and likes moist well drained soil in full sun.

    As it is your "butterfly garden sister" - is it being eaten by swallowtail caterpillars?


  8. Anna, we had thos really big rains more than a week ago, but it is dry now.

    Karen, she would be happy if the swallowtails were eating it. They are planted in a berm, so good drainage. Maybe aphids maybe powdery mildew.