Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lizard #1

There are tons of lizards in Mexico. This was a very interesting lizard. I spent most days spotting lizards so they would not run over my feet or dare me to go to my room. So, does anyone know what kind of Mexican lizard this one might be? Posted by Picasa


  1. No idea but that is the longest tail I've ever seen on a lizard.
    It would be a little freaky, dealing with those every day.

  2. That was precisely my thought 'I know nothing about lizards but that is an incredibly long tail!'.

    (Not very useful I'm afraid!)


  3. Yep, I think we all agree, the tail is his best feature! Makes my tiny little Texas gecko's look puny!

  4. Some sort of Anolis (anole); there are many species.

  5. Kim, I was on lizard alert all the time.

    Esther, He did have a freakishly long tail.

    Monica. I loved that he didn't try to run over my feet.

    Hugh, I knew you would show up with some info. Thanks.