Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Have Returned.

We had a great trip. I missed GBBD, but I will show you more Mexican flowers and stuff than you ever wanted to see over the next few days. Thanks for all of your sweet comments and drinking encouragment.

Abby is happy to see us. She almost wagged her tail off, but the Manx are pisssed. Maybe it is because they don't have tails to express themselves.


  1. Too funny girl ! I can't wait to see the pictures (I have never been there and probably won't ever .. extreme fear of flying after years of flying ) .. and what about the Tequila ??? LOL

  2. Glad you all had a great time! And trust me, the cats would be ticked off whether they had tails or not. Ours always ignore us when we get back from trips, until suddenly they can't stand it anymore and "somehow" manage to inch very close and just "happen" to be walking by very slowly so we can pet them... Cats!

  3. Welcome back. Eager to see photos.

  4. You are probably right about the Manx; I love the expressive quality of cats' tails. I've often said I wish I had a tail, I could use it for nonverbal communication! (yes, I've said that and lots of other silly things)

  5. Cats don't forgive as easily. That's for sure.

  6. Glad you had fun Debbi. Can't wait to see pictures (and hear about the good drinks you've had!) :)

  7. Looking forward to your pics, I've only been to Tijuana.

  8. Bout time you got home.

  9. Glad you made it home okay. Looking forward to seeing Mexican flowers!

  10. Thanks Joy. Sorry about the fear of flying. I have a fear of caves. Go figure.

    OFB, They have gotten over it.

    Donna, More pics are on the way.

    Nola, Great. Now I want a tail.

    Brenda, NO they don't.

    Linda, I just had bear or wine. Manly drank the interesting girly drinks.

    Kim and Victoria, I have never been brave enough to go to Tijuana

    Anna, Did you miss me?

    Beckie, the pics are on the way.