Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Audio Book as Cleaning Aid

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Today was the day to start organizing and cleaning up my house. The worst room is my office/laundry room/sewing nook/workout area/dog kennel. Needless to say this room gets junked up bad. I have my little sewing nook that I just love, but it has been so cluttered and messy that I have not sewn a stitch there since Christmas. Well look at it now all straightened out and organized.

I am not much of of housekeeper. Effieciency and focus elude me. Kathy, my coworker, listens to audio books all the time. She even downloads them to her Ipod. This afternoon, I checked out an audio book. Listening to it while cleaning and organizing makes the work seem to go so much faster and it makes me stay in one room. If I leave the room, I cannot hear the story. Excellent. I think I am going to buy and Ipod to listen to books on while I garden. Maybe I will finally get that show place of a garden I have always dreamed of.

The book is "The Widow of the South" by Robert Hicks. So far, I highly recommend it.


  1. Great idea. It works well with anything to listen to when you are cleaning, gardening or exercising!

  2. I remember my mom using a sewing machine like that one. SINGER on the treadle. She borrowed it from someone to sew the labels on our camp clothes.

    I remember the heavy lid. It looked like it belonged in a church.

  3. That there is the CLEANEST, NEATEST sewing nook I have ever laid eyes on.

    You can't possibly be productive in such surrounds, can you? Can I come mess it up for you a little? ; )

  4. That's a great idea- listening while doing housework. Maybe it would help me want to clean for once! Sometimes I play audio books while knitting and that can be nice. It's like reading and knitting at the same time!

  5. Cindee, It worked for me. Now I am going to listen to the book and file, bow to my awesomeness.

    Hugh, The treadle is actually a table now. The machine is hand cranked.

    Foolery, don't tell me. This is the only sewing nook you've ever laid eyes on, right;)

    Cynthia, I refuse to learn to knit. If I take on one more hobby, my brain will explode.