Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sun Salutation

This is what I found in the garden this morning. Moy Grande hibiscus. Isn't it pretty? Yes, that is my hand in the second picture.
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  1. Bodacious - that's the only word for it.

  2. Now that's what I call a hibiscus! I wish ours was that big.

  3. Please send the sun up here, Debbi, and I'll salute it--and your hibiscus too, of course.

  4. Wow! All I can think is WOW! It is obviously very happy.

  5. I've never seen one that BIG! Glorious flower form an obvious green thumb. :0

  6. Mr. McGregor's Daughter, Kim and Victoria, Jodi, Cynthia, and Beckie, I need to set the record straight. Hardy hibiscus are my favorite flowers, but they are not mine. They belong to Middle Monkey and he is not sharing ownership. He is collecting and is up to seven varieties so far. He says thanks for the praise.

  7. Wow beautiful bloom!
    Mine are just about ready to pop open too. I love how big they are! It is a major focal point in the garden! I am sure yours are too!

  8. Cindee, show us pictures of yours when they pop.

    Thanks linda.

  9. Spectacular! I need one of those, does it make seed? I have to go read up on that hibiscus!

  10. Beautiful! I have to read your blog really quickly and then click on the comments cause I'm still getting kicked off your blog. Is anyone else having trouble?

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