Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool Stuff

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A few weeks ago I received three items to review from Starline Promotional Products The items were a water bottle, a rubber tape measure and a gardening stool/bag. I was totally excited that some company thought I was worthy of reviewing their products. After all, I frequently lose my Felcos.

The water bottle and the tape measure totally disappeared within 24 hours. Manly has the tape measure and Baby Monkey took the water bottle. I assume they are very nice because they will not give them back.

They tried to take the garden stool/bag, but I fought them off. Manly thought it would make a nice fishing chair and Baby Monkey just wanted it. But it is mine, all mine. The bag snaps to the stool and it's handles make carrying straps for the stool. The bag has pockets for tools and stuff. One word though, don't leave it out in the rain. That bag holds water. Really, I love this thing. The picture above is the stool sitting in the next area I need to weed (obviously).


  1. That is a great idea. Weeding just kills my knees!

  2. So cool!!! Good for you for hanging on to your garden goodies, at least. (Though admittedly a nice icy bottle of tea in that pack would seem like just the thing while weeding on a hot day!)

  3. I need that bucket about right now. In my absence this week, the weeds took over. All my tomato plants have been very slow to mature. The heat finally arrived and the plants have perked up more. I'm going to be working in the yard all day. I have some very tall weeds to pull down. I thought they were sunflowers.

  4. Loved your product review Aunt Debbi! It was so honest and funny. I hope you get to review more stuff!

  5. Linda it is a great thing.

    OFB, Excellent idea.

    Anna, I hate it when weeds pretend to be sunflowers.

    Curmudgeon, Thanks and I hope I get more free stuff too.

  6. Oh, I want that stool tool bag. How cool is that?~~Dee