Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The End of the Purple Hull Pea Era

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I picked my first handful of purple hull peas today. There is nothing prettier than the color of a purple hull pea pod. Sadly, unless I get a much bigger garden, this will be my last year of purple hull peas. Next year, I will plant my new favorite pea- lady cream peas. Now I love black eyed peas, but lady cream peas put them to shame. While the pea pod of the lady cream pea is pretty boring, the flavor of the pea is wonderful.

So it is so long to purple hull peas
A moment of silence please

(feel free to add to that silly poemlette)


  1. Moment of silence...now eat those peas! They are my favorties, but I love, love lady creams too!!

  2. So let us now drop to our knees
    Thankful they didn't get a disease!

    (HEY!~ It's still early here...)

  3. I'd add one but it's late here....love the poetry! zzzzzzzzz

  4. What are all you people doing up so early?! WOW!

  5. A bigger garden in my wish list
    before purple peas turn to mist ..
    Hih hii hiii ...

  6. I only just began to grow fond of it growing in your garden. It will be sadly missed.

  7. No more purple hulled peas! So sad...

  8. Anna, I will miss the pretty purple hulls.

    Curmudgeon, it is a bit sad, but the lady creams are soooo goooood.