Monday, November 16, 2009

Bleary Eyed in Texas

Dear Eye Glasses Guru,

I really need your help.

Last year, at this time was about the last time I worked on a quilt. Just about that time I started working at the library. With my amazing time management skills, I managed to find Facebook instead of quilting time. Durn.

This last week, I began quilting again. This is perfect timing because I have reached the level of virtual farming in which you cannot spend your entire day at said activity without starting another game. (two of my friends have signed up their dogs, not kidding). Virtual farming is a Facebook book thing in case you were wise enough to avoid that internet crack.

Anyway, so now I am quilting again. Yet, something shifted between last year and this year and it seems to be my eyesight. Last year I used reading glasses only to thread needles. This year, I kind of need them to quilt.

Here is the problem, I have awful reading glasses skills. I have seen professionals use them. They have them perched on the end of their noses looking all wise and capable. I perched them on the end of my nose, forgot to look up and smacked myself in the head with the quilting hoop when everything went blurry.

I have cleaned off my desk top several times because of crazy depth perception. A glass of water ended up in the floor - I missed just by a little.

My eyes really hurt right now, I’ve strained them pretty bad. If you have any advise on the use and maintenance of reading glasses please please pass it on.

No, I don't need them to actually read yet. Maybe I missed a step.

Sincerely ,

Bleary eyed in Texas


  1. I was doing pretty well on Farm Town and then went totally cold turkey. I never looked back. I was working a LOT on that farm!!

  2. Focused detail work like that would my eyes hurt too.

    But then I'm old too.

    The quilt is a great accomplishment! I try to stay away from those Facebook games.

  3. My goodness Debbie !! Virtual farming ? ... I have heard of this addictive past time (thank god I haven't been a Face book junkie .. phew!) I have so much to do here in real life .. well, you know how it is ?
    The glasses thing .. I need mine to read and on the computer .. but I have never yet accomplished the perching on the end of the nose thing .. I swear they use GLUE !!!!
    Beautiful quilt girl !! : )

  4. I have worn reading glasses for years now Debbi. I wear them on my head...when they are not on my nose. I have learned, if I am not reading, knitting, cross stitching, etc..that is where they belong. If I try and wear them when I don't need them, I knock things over. The only other to wear them on a chain around your neck. Not me--I like them on my head! :)

  5. I guess not having the desire to reconnect with anyone I went to high school with (whom I haven't already sought out) makes it really easy for me to avoid facebook and virtual farming. I do feel like a total space alien in some ways, not being part of this culture, but so be it. I think real hobbies way outweigh virtual ones! Lovely quilt.

  6. Mercy on us, Debbi! Your experiences with the reading glasses remind me of the days when I wore real glasses and was constantly having to get stronger prescriptions (think 20/800). Each time, trying to look anywhere but straight ahead produced instant vertigo, at least until I got used to them. Ack!!!! Thank God for contact lenses and ultimately for laser surgery. No reading glasses needed here! But with or without glasses, I can see that's one gorgoeus quilt!!!

  7. I am constantly putting mine on and off. Need them only for the task at hand, reading, and eating. (Reading the computer screen requires a different pair: trifocals.) If I kept them on all the time, I'd be falling and knocking things over, too. It just takes a while to get used to them. The day will come when you slip them on and off without even realizing it. That's when we start losing them...Grrrr!

  8. It just takes a bit of getting used to. I wear mine on a cord around my neck at all times except when sleeping. I can't walk about in them though as I too knock into things. I have found wearing them has made my eyes lazy as well, it's a double edged sword.
    Lovely quilt.