Thursday, November 12, 2009

Garden Tour With Kiddos

This morning we had a tour of our Garden Learning Center in Kaufman. The group that visited was the Crandall Middle School Environmental Club. Yes, Middle Monkey is a member. He could barely contain himself. A lot of pictures were taken, but I cannot publish pictures of other peoples children and I really looked mean. Apparently, I take garden tours very seriously or I need a pair of sunglasses.

The kids were great. The sorted their lunch trash for recycling. They were polite and well spoken. Only one of them acted like a punk. When I pointed out his punkishness, the peer pressure to straighten up was immediate and effective. Never saw it work that way before, AWESOME.

We explained the rainwater harvesting systems, irrigation systems, rain garden and plant groupings by water requirements.

This is why I love being a master gardener.


  1. Looks like you had a fab time!

    And very many (sadly belated) congratulations on your anniversary :)

  2. LOL, it's always good for other people's kids to think you're mean!! ;-) Although I'm sure you didn't really come across that way. It's so cool your kid(s) is/are into gardens!

  3. Thank you for doing that! You get a gold star in my mind.

  4. What a neat club. I didn't think middle schoolers were interested in anything beyond music & video games. Here's a trick for taking photos of other people's kids; shoot them from the back so you can see kids but not their faces. This has worked fairly well for me when I've taken photos of my kids' field trips.

  5. I didn't realize you were a Master Gardener! I have been reading your blog for a long time, and I never picked up on that.

    I am a MG, too. in Jackson County (down on the coast). When I went to Conroe to take my RainWater Harvesting specialist training, there was a man who sat behind me who was from Kaufman County. He sent me one of your fabulous calendars! That was the year you won first place for it at Awards!

    Kaufman Co. is getting with the program! Y'all always have something going!

    Happy Anniversary!