Friday, April 23, 2010

Just a Few Things

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The first picture is my new baby pot of sedum, echiveria and semper vivum. probably spelled a couple of those wrong, but you don't come here for spelling and grammar;)

The next picture is my Angel Face rose. I love that rose, but it is a fussy hybrid and the bush always looks terrible. Give me an heirloom rose any day.

Finally, Baby Monkey turned 11 this week.

Happy Spring Y'all.


  1. Nice succulents;-) I don't do well w/roses so just have the easy carpet-rose varieties which are lovely & no fuss. Your roses are gorgeous, even if they are tough to manage;-) Happy birthday to your little monkey;-)

  2. Happy B'day little monkey!
    Love the pot full of sedums, can't wait to see it fill out as the summer progresses.

  3. That's not a baby anymore, Aunt Deb. That is a PRE-TEEN.

    They grow up so fast!