Saturday, April 24, 2010

Recycling Project

I recently made a denim quilt from worn out blue jeans. The quilt was put in the silent auction of the KCMGA Spring Seminar. The material for the quilt came from the legs of the jeans. The top and seams are left. What to do? Throw them out? Give up and cry? Nope, I make outdoor garden bags for them. Now, I suppose you could put some potting soil in these suckers and it would be pretty cute. I use them to hold random stuff like tools, fertilizer, my teeth (kidding).

Simply sew a seem across the bottom and use left over seams as straps.


  1. I have been accumulating Mr. Hubby's discarded jeans to make a denim quilt one day. I'll probably never do that, but I can make a couple of these garden bags. I want to see how I can put potting soil in them and how they will work for flowers hmm.. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm ready to get to work :D

  2. You are so clever! Love the recycle idea!

  3. What a cute project, they would be pretty interesting planted too. Hmm... :)