Monday, February 4, 2008

Rainwater Harvesting.

Spent the morning with my MG group. We had a lively meeting and a great educational program. We have a rainwater harvesting demonstration at the Xeric Garden in Forney, Tx. Our president showed us the ins and outs of installing, using, and maintaining a 550 gallon tank. It is fed from the guttering of the building. It has a bypass that takes the first run off of a rain and puts it into another tube essentially washing out the leaves and such. This keeps gunk out of the tank. Only one half an inch of rain will fill our tank. The water is distributed by gavity feed with a hose attached. There is also a pump that creates water pressure. This eventually will feed soaker hoses or drip irrigation. As bad as the drought was two years ago, we are all looking for ways to be better stewards of our water. I still need to take a picture of Nancy's hillbilly rainwater collection system.


  1. I wanted to do this when I had a house, but I could never get the Domesticated Barbarian to buy into it. Are you going to do it? I think it's a wonderful idea.

  2. We already do it at the greenhouse off of Nancy's barn. I am going to try to get 4 50 gallon barrels. Manly man generally lets me do what I want to outside.

  3. This is a great idea. When we lived in our previous house we had a swimming pool that we filled with rainwater collected from the gutters. It worked great!

    Good luck!