Monday, February 4, 2008

This is What I have to Put up With

Baby monkey - Why did Tigger look in the toilet.
Me - Why
Baby monkey - He was looking for Pooh

Help me. Somebody please come save me.


  1. Oh, that is funny! Thanks for my first laugh this morning. You are blessed with having to put up with such.

    And daffodils! Thanks for the beauty. Won't see those here in OK for a bit. Well, I never see them on my place. I don't know what I do, but each daffodil bulb I put in the ground is more a funeral than a growth.

    CurtissAnn, waving.

  2. Dont plant them too deep. And make sure you put them in in the fall. Try to find native or adapted varieties. We have a native bulb grower/rustler here in Texas. My MG group buys from them late each summer. I don't really want to be saved. No much, not often.