Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pumpkin Update

Looks like our little pumpkin is growing up. He is beginning to turn orange. He measures 10 inches stem to blossom end and 24 inches around the middle. I did double check that measurement. Being more than twice as big around as long doesn't seem right, but it is. We won't be carving this into a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Don't worry, I have a friend who is really good with paint and will give him a great face. That way it will not rot in a week. I've put way too much effort and angst into that little pumpkin. He is sticking around until Thanksgiving. I feel like it is time for us to give the little guy a name. Any suggestions?
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  1. No suggestions for a name, but I like the idea of painting the face on him so he lasts longer. He's getting nice & big.

  2. It's been quite a day here and so I'm utterly "nameless" at the moment. But I am so surprised how round it is! I went back and read that several times to make sure I got it right!

  3. I've never seen one growing. Will it turn orange later, or is it a different variety? Sorry I can't think of anything cute for a name.

  4. You aren't going to eat him? We eat pumpkins down here!
    Love your blog.

  5. How about Punky? He's very cute. My watermelon will be getting ready to eat soon - no painting that one! Yum!

  6. pg, I am going to make is last as long as possible and then eat it.

    Brenda, I know. I measured it with yarn and brought the lenghts of yarn inside and used a quilting square to get the inches (I know very scientific) I had to go back and make sure I got it right.

    Nola, It is turning orange in
    spots and streaks. Pretty cool looking. I hope it stays just a little green.

    foxymoron, We eat pumpkin pie. But I want to do something more interesting with it. Any suggestioins? Thanks for the bloggy buddying

    Yeah Diana, you are the only one to pony up a name.

    We have one vote for Punky.

    Come on Y'all you wrote a plot of for a hay bale in the comments not too long ago. Certainly you can name a pumpkin.

  7. Lookin' good, Aunt Debbi! (Trying not to brag about the 8 unknown squashes growing on my compost-pile squash vine; the largest is even bigger than your green guy...) How about calling your pumpkin Ichabod? Seems appropriate to me! And crowning him with a grapevine wreath instead of coating him with paint? you could consider turning him into curried pumpkin soup instead of pie---search Poor Richard's Almanac, I know Silence posted the recipe on there somewhere...

  8. ofb, please brag on the squash. Ichabod the pumkin. I like it. We can call it punky as a nickname. I am pretty sold on painting a face on it. I will definitely find Silence's recipe. I don't like sweets so curried soup sounds yummy.